Week II (Day 1): 1500miles Foundation and Arrival in Mae Chan

Because we’re seeing readers from Thailand, Taiwan (wow I wonder why?!) and the U.S. right now:  สวัสดี ค่ะ! 你好!  Hellooo! I’m Allison “Alli” C., and I’ll be introducing us with the short run-down of today… meaning introducing my wonderful team members, introducing our first day in Chiang Rai, and introducing BLUElab Thailand’s first stay in our partner community: Mae Chan! (I’ve even included a cute map on the right to point out just where we’re working, just for you.)

After a little less than a week getting situated at Chiang Mai University while preparing and further exposing ourselves to engineering concepts that may be relevant to Mae Chan, the team was up bright and early to drive to our destination in Chiang Rai. A few hours later, we were greeted by Mr. Rattapom Youprom, founder of the 1500miles Foundation that aims to foster effective and compassionate disaster relief volunteers. 

He walked us around the beautiful base camp, where the team learned about training, its strategic placement in Chiang Mai and most importantly, the emphasized community-centered vision of the dedicated spirit and understanding for skillful volunteerism.

Learning about disaster relief at 1500Miles Basecamp

After a graciously prepared lunch, to our surprise, he offered his relief kayaks for us and we teamed up after lunch, racing, chasing and relaxing in the water.

We really like food.
kayak from shore
The pond was  as scenic as it was stressful with other boats on your tail..

Mr. Youprom also showed us the beauty in simplicity by showing us a model shelter in Nepal earthquake following the earthquake that displaced people of their homes.


Mr. Youprom was a gracious host showing us around the beautiful base-camp and giving our first tour and interview opportunity teaching us not only about Thailand’s disaster relief but the mitigation and volunteer spirit precursoring those.

Our Mae Chan investigations continue tomorrow and throughout the week: stay tuned and thanks for reading!



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