First Post by CMU STUDENT: Tungtae! ^_^

An announcement to those who are reading this blog post: I’m Tungtae a student from Chiang Mai University and this is my first blog post for BLUElab. Last year BLUElab came to Thailand and they got a lot of information from Mae Chan, and Chiang Rai, and this year they come to get more information that they didn’t get from last year and to check feedback.


On the first day of meeting, we met each other and talked about what we’ll do later in the next 3 weeks …  and this time we have another guest, “Christie”. She is the Assistant Director of Program Development for the Center for Social Engaged Design at the University of Michigan. Thank you Christie for giving us a lot of new knowledge to prepare ourselves before going to Mae Chan.

IMG_0540(this is Christie)

IMG_0516After we finished talking about what we have to do at Mae Chan, we worked with the new socially engaged design methods that Christie taught us from the classroom by going out to observe and bring in information to make needs assessments.



From this picture is our discussion through the concept generation method that we learned. We brainstormed to get and share ideas that solved the needs statements under our constraints. We voted to choose for the best idea!


And the other days Thai students presented about the main idea of  BLUElab’s policies. We talked about Socially Engaged Design, Design Ethnography, Concept Generation..


At the end of opening ceremony we took photos in Thai’s style (mini heart ) and don’t forget to follow us to see what will coming up soonnnnn.  See yaaa !!!



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